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Mia+Máire (Mia Ardito and Máire Witt O’Neill) is a collaborative duo based in NY and Chicago who met in 2007 while at Maryland Institute College of Art. The focus of their over ten year collaboration has been reality television, feminist discourses and contemporary media. Mia+Máire assume the roles of corporation, producer, director, performer, consumer, critic and advertiser—mining the metanarratives of television production and consumption in order to complicate and question singular perspectives. Through the embodiment of their television network, Soft Pants Studios, Mia+Máire create and perform the conceptual surreality video series Sad Girls Club TV. SGCtv is laden with commercial graphics, frenetic pacing and overlapping realities to question authority, authenticity, late capitalism, and the complicity and responsibility involved in making and watching television. Mia+Máire have exhibited and performed in venues such as Hauser & Wirth, NY, Goethe Institute, Chicago, Anthology Film Archives, NY; Frieze Art Fair, NY; INVERSE Performance Festival, AK; American Medium Gallery, NY; Mana Contemporary, NJ; High Tide, PA; Vox Populi, PA; Defibrillator, IL; The Nightingale, IL; Latitude, IL; Goldfinch, IL, ; and SGCtv is always streaming internationally.

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